Meet the team

Steph Verbokkem

I have recently moved to the Wairarapa and I’m 24 years old.

I’m passionate about health & fitness and the outdoors and I’m also a big believer in living life to our fullest potential.

I love working alongside people to help them achieve their goals and seeing the joy it brings.

Everyone has different motivations and goals and getting to know what they are  is all part of the fun.

On a day off you’ll find me at the gym, at the beach or up a mountain enjoying this awesome earth we’ve been given to explore.

Sandy Biel

I have been part of Crossfit Manaia since 2015 and remember how challenging it was to take that first step in my Crossfit journey. I understand how small improvements can turn into awesome results.

By surrounding yourself with people who push you to do and be better you can achieve awesome results which brings out the best in each other.

I really enjoy seeing how people can accomplish what they thought was out of reach, and help them
realise their potential.


Crossfit Manaia Intern
Olympic Lifting Technique Level 1
Crossfit Judging Certificate

sonja Vorster

I really love doing CrossFit and enjoy instructing classes. For me, it is all about sharing a passion with others.  I love the sense of community at CrossFit Manaia, we are all in it together, setting goals and smashing them over time…only to set new ones to work towards. When it comes to training I believe consistency is key, which is much easier when classes are both challenging and fun.

With a background in physiotherapy I am well aware of the importance of good form for injury prevention and efficiency of movement to draw on when it starts really counting with heavier loads and more technically challenging movements. So I especially enjoy coaching new members and breaking down movements to teach good technique. I am also passionate about education around injury prevention and safely training with an injury for an optimal and speedy recovery.